Letter To The Community

I am very pleased to continue in my role as chair of the Board of Directors for the Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association (HIEA). As Manager, Environment for U. S. Steel Canada, I have been involved with HIEA since 2001, and have been able to see the continuing positive impact our members make on our community.

HIEA continues to remain a strong, dedicated group of member companies who work closely with their neighbours, community initiative and not-for-profit environmental sector groups and many local representatives from the City of Hamilton and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.
2016 proved to be both a busy and successful one as HIEA member companies continue to participate in, and support, a number of local environmental initiatives including: Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC), Children’s Water Festival, Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) Green Angels Program, McQuesten Urban Farm and the Upwind Downwind Conference.

Besides supporting local environmental initiatives, HIEA member companies continue to improve their own facilities. 2016 was no exception as many members continued work on major initiatives that will have a positive and lasting impact on the Hamilton community. Work has also continued on the Hamilton Air Shed Modeling Study and we all look forward to the results in 2017.

These and many other improvements over the years have had a very favourable impact on the local air quality – drastically reducing dust, diesel emissions and green house gases. HIEA members continue to report their aggregate environmental performance against key parameters in their annual survey and the 2016 results continue to show an overall improving trend for the years 1997 through 2016. This year’s statistics are a concrete example of the continued success that HIEA member companies are achieving to improve the environment in the Hamilton community.  

HIEA’s survey results are presented in this publication, at the association’s Annual General Meeting and to the Community Advisory Panel.  They are also available to the public both in print and on the association’s website - www.hiea.org.

The Community Advisory Panel (CAP) continues to provide opportunities to exchange information and discuss issues of concern to the community between industry and representatives from local neighbourhood associations, community advocacy groups and other caring citizens. Through this ongoing dialogue, CAP helps to set the directions and priorities for HIEA’s activities, and individual member companies’ programs.

Our members are actively making efforts to increase our corporate membership and CAP participation, bringing more local industries and community members to the table.

You’re invited to Join Us …
As a local business or a neighbour to industry, your input is integral to HIEA’s continued success and we welcome your involvement. For more information about how to get involved as a member, with CAP meetings and other current initiatives, visit www.hiea.org or contact us at 905-662-2131 or communications@hiea.org.

Andrew Sebestyen

Chair of the Board - Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association