Environmental Awards Received by HIEA

Bay Area Restoration Council - Annual Implementation Award

In her citation to HIEA, BARC Executive Director, Marilyn Baxter, wrote, “ HIEA is recognized for improving the local environment through its collective actions, and through individual member company’s efforts, and for partnering with the community. HIEA’s corporate leadership has enhanced the understanding of environmental issues, set priorities for action and has achieved results in pursuit of a cleaner and healthier environment for the residents of Hamilton.

As the Bay Area Restoration Council prepares its report on Hamilton Harbour water quality, it has become apparent that the pollution controls put in place, and the continued annual efforts by local industry, have made a dramatic improvement to the Harbour since the 1960s, and continues to make improvements. This is a praiseworthy accomplishment.

Corporate citizenship is shown by HIEA through strong relationships with the neighbourhood and with environmental associations by planting dozens of trees to remove wind-blown dust while beautifying the area, for example, and through signifi cant contributions to environmental education.

Another successful initiative was the creation of the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) to identify environmental concerns. As a direct link between industry, neighbourhood groups and individuals, issues have been solved and relationships built.”