The Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association is a body of representatives from local industrial companies who are committed to operating their facilities in a safe and responsible manner, and in a way which does not adversely impact neighbouring communities.

HIEA has developed a strong connection to their community stakeholders in Hamilton through their Community Advisory Panel (CAP). They provide continued financial support to several local not-for-profit environmental organizations who offer hands-on learning to local middle school students to educate and empower participants to make environmental change. A desire to ensure strong environmental performance has led HIEA companies to increase year over year Environmental Capital spending by $15,000,000.00 annually since 2008.

Membership in HIEA and the communications between members has helped facilitate the development of an "industrial ecosystem." By purchasing each others' by-products and waste, and providing each other with raw materials and feed stock for new processes and products they are creating a more efficient, environmentally beneficial way of operating.

Membership in HIEA industrial ecosystem