HIEA was pleased to support this program that targets both urban homeowners and high school students in order to engage both groups in activities that are beneficial to the environmental health of urban creeks, valley corridors and ultimately, Hamilton Harbour.

Presented in cooperation with the Hamilton-Halton Watershed Stewardship Program (HHWSP), Adopt-A-Creek pairs community and high-school groups to provide them with education, expert resources, planning and support in their efforts to rehabilitate segments of creeks that pass through their urban neighbourhoods.

Adopt-A-Creek can provide students with the opportunity to learn and use their environmental action skills within their own communities. Their actions will have a direct impact upon a local creek and will support neighbourhood efforts to improve the health of our watershed with a focus on Cootes Paradise Marsh and Grindstone Creek.

More info about this and other projects can be found on the Bay Area Restoration Council's Website