Commuter Challenge

Commuter Challenge Gets People Out of their Cars
HIEA member-companies have made a tonne of difference to our environment. For the fifth year in a row, HIEA supported the Commuter Challenge, during National Environment Week. link to Green Venture

From June 1 to 7, people were encouraged to put away their single occupancy vehicles and use other alternatives to commute to work. Not only did HIEA sponsor the annual event, but employees of member-companies and CAP members were active participants.

In Hamilton, almost 1,000 people participated in the Challenge. HIEA had 174 participants, who parked their single occupancy vehicles and tried a different kind of commute to work. They took the bus, car-pooled, rode bicycles, ran and walked. In total, HIEA people logged 33,233 km using alternate transportation, representing 34% of Hamilton participation.

In 2003 two employees of one HIEA member-company won a prize for commuting to work in the most creative way. Randy Uberig and Dino Castellani canoed in to work at Dofasco from Princess Point throughout the week. Randy was particularly happy with their ride.

"When we rounded Carol's Point there was a Go Train sitting waiting for a green light to go forward," said Randy. "We laughed thinking about all those passengers on the train looking out at two guys passing them in a canoe. Just before we reached shore a couple of swans escorted us the rest of the way. The nature we encountered blew me away... No wonder they called it Coote's Paradise."

Participants reduced fuel consumption and helped protect air quality by taking part in the Challenge.

Commuter Challenge
Participants in the 2001 Commuter Challenge found a creative way to commute to work.

Commuter Challenge
The Commuter Challenge encourages people to give up their single occupancy vehicles for one week and use an alternate method such as cycling.

Commuter Challenge
Randy Uberig and Dino Castellani won a Creative Commuter Award for canoeing to work during the 2003 Commuter Challenge.