Tree Planting Projects
As part of their mission to improve the local environment, HIEA regularly invests in greenbelting projects. Greenbelting involves strategically planting specific types of trees to reduce wind-blown particles. An added benefit is that planting trees beautifies neighbourhoods.

In 2002, the Committee was approached by representatives of the Heritage Tree Project for funding support in their efforts to harvest seeds from rare, existing heritage trees, propagate and plant these trees in and around the Hamilton Harbour. The project saw approximately 1,000 oak seedlings started at the Royal Botanical Gardens greenhouse. Many of these seedlings have now been planted at locations around Hamilton Harbour.

Other HIEA greenbelting projects include:

  • 25 trees planted at Leaside Park in November 2003
  • trees planted at several individual schools from the Hamilton-Wentworth Separate School Board
  • 16 large caliper trees planted along the perimeter of St. Christopher's Park in 2007
  • 6 large caliper trees planted at Steeles Park, 10 large caliper trees planted at Andrew Warburton Park and 16 large caliper trees planted at Lake Avenue School in 2009
  • 10 large caliper trees,including Serviceberry, Hackberry and Kentucky Coffeetree planted alongside the walking path north of the railroad tracks between Ottawa Street and McAnulty Blvd. in 2010

Delivery of a truck load of Trees
A truck load of trees arrives for planting.

Planting trees at Gibson School
Planting trees at North/ Central Park.

Planting trees on Dunbar Ave.
Planting trees on Division Street.