Since 1997 there have significant improvements made by member companies in the area of environmental protection. In 2015, HIEA's collective environmental performance continues this positive trend.

HIEA member companies continue to make major financial contributions to the economic well being and environmental protection of the City of Hamilton and its residents. Collectively, HIEA member companies have invested over $210.5 million on environmental capital improvements in the last 5 years.

In 2015 HIEA member companies employed over 7,000 people and paid over $21 million in municipal taxes while occupying almost 740 hectares of land.

At the same time, HIEA has also invested over $200,000 and many volunteer hours on community programs.

In 2015 HIEA supported many local organizations and programs including the Royal Botanical Gardens - Green Angels Program, Bay Area Restoration Council - Yellow Fish Road Program, Hamilton Children’s Water Festival and the McQuesten Urban Farm project.




Hamilton is an important recycling centre and HIEA companies are major participants. This category is comprised of waste streams sent to landfill and/or off-site for treatment/destruction and includes subject waste, commercial/domestic waste and non-hazardous industrial waste. Total off-site disposal levels fluctuate as a result of changes in year to year production.

HIEA member companies purchase each others' by-products and waste providing each other with raw materials and feed stock to be recycled or manufactured into other usable products.


Beginning in 2011 the Environmental Performance Reports are no longer published separately and are now part of our Newsletter/Report to the Community

Environmental Survey Reports