Hamilton Children's Water Festival

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The Hamilton Children's Water Festival has been held each year in the spring at the Pier 8, Discovery Centre. The event targets Grade 4 students and based on average class sizes,they anticipate over 800 children per day, or 2400 over the three day period.

In addition, approximately 200 secondary school students will be involved over the three day period in assisting the activity coordinators teach their respective water message to the elementary students each day. An event of this magnitude takes approximately 100 volunteers each day to organize, implement and oversee all the requirements of running it.

The Hamilton Children's Water Festival has approximately 30 hands-on educational activities that support the Ontario Curriculum including the new 2007 Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. Completing activities through hands-on activities ensures that students learn to respect water and the environment while having fun. Some activities are: How Deep Can You See from the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan; Trip of a Drip from the Hamilton Steam Museum, Yellow Fish Road from BARC, Osprey Survivor from Hamilton Naturalists Club; Where is the Water? From Parks Canada. The activities focus on water from four key perspectives: Water Conservation; Water Science & Technology; Water Awareness and Water Protection.

For more information check out their website at: www.hamilton.ca/childrenswaterfestival