Yellow Fish Road

HIEA has been working with together with the Bay Area Restoration Council for many years and is pleased to provide our support for this valuable project. Each year our member companies look at ways we can help improve our local environment and increase public awareness and education. Yellow Fish Road™ is a wonderful opportunity to work together with BARC and our youth.

This storm drain marking program has been designed by the Bay Area Restoration Council to remind people to protect our water. Hamilton Harbour is home to many different kinds of fish, animals, birds and plants, and it's important to keep the water as clean as possible. The dumping of household hazardous waste into the toilet or sewer drain is a significant source of water pollution.

Anything poured down the sink, toilet or storm drain will eventually make its way into Hamilton Harbour. Yellow Fish Road™ reminds people that they can have a positive impact on their harbour and on the wildlife and human life that rely upon it.

Watch in the spring for the school-aged groups as they volunteer to mark storm drains using painted fish and a 4" plastic marker carrying the message "only rain down the drain". These volunteers also place information about the program and about household hazardous waste, into the mailboxes of homes in the areas being marked.

More information about this and other programs can be found on the Bay Area Restoration Council's Website