Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association Bursary - Mohawk College

The original bursary fund was established on April 01, 2006 followed by a second award that was set up in March 2010. Each year an award(s) will be made to support a student from: the Chemical Engineering Technology - Environmental Program, the Environmental Technician Program with or without Co-op Internship and/or Energy Systems Technology – Clean & Renewable Energy. Applications can be accepted for this fund through the Mohawk College Student Awards Office. These bursaries have been developed through the OTSS (Ontario Trust for Student Support).

The Brian McCarry Graduate Chemistry Scholarship - McMaster University

In 2013, the environmental community of Hamilton was saddened by the passing of Dr. Brian McCarry (1946 – 2013) who had served as Chair of Clean Air Hamilton since 2000. Dr. McCarry also served as Chair of the Hamilton Air Monitoring Network and the Upwind Downwind Conference. He taught at the Department of Chemistry at McMaster University for 37 years and held the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Environment and Health since 1999. His international reputation in environmental chemistry and toxicology was mirrored by his reputation in the Hamilton area for his tireless efforts on behalf of the local community and its environment.

In 2014 The Brian McCarry Graduate Chemistry Scholarship was established by friends, family, colleagues, and industry partners in memory of Brian. This scholarship is to be awarded by the School of Graduate Studies to a graduate student currently enrolled in the Chemistry graduate program. Preference will be given to students pursuing industry-related research.

HIEA is proud to have contributed to the scholarship fund.

Scholarship Criteria

The purpose of this fund shall be to annually award a Mohawk College Student(s) that meets the following criteria (in order of preference):

Mandatory Criteria:

  1. Financial need as determined by the Ontario Trust for Student Support and the Ontario Student Assistant Program guidelines.

Preference will be given to:

  1. School/Group: Engineering Technology
  2. Program: Energy Systems Technology – Clean & Renewable Energy (260), Chemical Engineering Technology – Environment (533), Environmental Technician with or without Co-Op Internship (453)
  3. Year of Study: 2nd or 3rd*
  4. Donor Intent: Preference will be given, but not limited to a graduate of a Hamilton High school.

*Note: Final year of study in each program.

Scholarship Recipients


2019 Recipients: Kristina Duncan and Lisa Nyabenda

Kristina is in her third year of Energy Systems Engineering Technology and Lisa is in her fifth semester of Chemical Engineering Technology.

2018 Recipients: David Hutchison and Dean Kayed

David is in his third year of Chemical Engineering Technology and Dead is in his second year of Chemical Engineering Technology.

2017 Recipients: Breanne Lalon, Cody Fisher, Mohammad Abu-Dhair

Breanne Lalon: “This scholarship helps me out immensely. Due to my heavy work load I had decided not to work this term. This had been a financial stress since I live on my own without any support from my parents, but academically has been the best decision I’ve made. This funding will help keep me afloat so I can focus on my academics and achieve honours.”

Cody Fisher: Because of this bursary I will be able to continue focusing on my education uninhibited. I am planning to use this money to purchase text books, and school supplies, as well as reduce my O.S.A.P. loans. I hope that with the help of your generosity I will be able to continue my education and achieve a GPA consistent with or above the level I have achieved so far.”

Mohammad Abu-Dhair: I tried to work while attending school in the first year. When the second year starts I found that it will be really hard to work while attending because my goal is to graduate with a high average. This scholarship will help to focus more on school and achievinga higher average.”

2016 Recipients: Lisa Diaz, Cody Fisher and Ahsan Javed

2015 Recipient: Isaac Sider

Isaac is in his fifth semester of the Energy Systems Engineering-Clean and Renewable Energy Program.

2015 Recipient: Tyler Waltenbury
Tyler is in his third semester of the Energy Systems Engineering-Clean and Renewable Energy Program.

2015 Recipient: Ying Zhou
Ying is in her second year of the Energy Systems Engineering-Clean and Renewable Energy Program.

2014 Recipient: Kady Purvis
Kady Purvis was in her third year of the Chemical Engineering Technology program in 2014. Kady will be pursuing a career in the environmental science field following her graduation. In her letter to HIEA she stated:

Thanks to you, I am one step closer to being able to achieve my goal. By awarding me the Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association Bursary you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.

2014 Recipient: Nanwe Anoia
Nanwe Anoia was in her third year of the Chemical Engineering Technology program in 2014. Nanwe will be pursuing a career in the petrochemical industry following her graduation.

2014 Recipient: Alla Afana
Alla Afana was in her second year of the Chemical Engineering Technology program in 2014. Alla will be pursuing a career in chemical engineering field following her graduation.

2013 Recipient: Jocelyne Aichwalder
Jocelyne Aichwalder is an Energy Systems – Clean and Renewable Technology student at Mohawk College. She is currently finishing her 2nd year and will be applying to university for a bachelor of engineering program once she graduates from Mohawk. She is an environmentalist at heart and has spent many months rehabbing native Canadian wildlife on her summers off of school. She hopes to one day work in the clean and renewable energy field, helping reduce greenhouse gasses and make the world a better, healthier place to live.

2013 Recipient: Jocelyne Aichwalder

2013 Recipient: Greg Kaneva
Greg Kaneva was in his final semester of the Chemical Engineering Technology program and graduated in April 2013 with honours. His goals for the future are to obtain employment in the environmental or renewable energy fields. He had previously worked for Environment Canada as a co-op student, providing chemical testing on the waters of the great lakes and various streams located throughout Canada. Through this data, the monitoring of various elements appearing or changing in our lakes were able to be analyzed. Aside from that, my interests are hockey and music which I actively participate in.

2013 Recipient: Greg Kaneva

2013 Recipient: Stephanie Sta. Maria
Stephanie Sta. Maria is a recent graduate with Honours of the Chemical Engineering Technology program at Mohawk College. In 2012 she completed a one year co-op with Imperial Oil as a part of the Sarnia Research team and will be beginning her career with them as a Research Technologist in June 2013. She is proud that she was able to uphold Mohawk College's reputation of producing professional, mature and employable graduates. As a part of the Imperial Oil Research team she will be participating in many of the fundraising and community outreach programs Imperial Oil supports in Sarnia, Ontario.

2013 Recipient: Stephanie Sta. Maria

2012 Recipient: Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Jones is in the third year of Mohawk's Environmental Technician program and when she has finished her diploma studies at Mohawk, will be continuing her studies in a bachelor of science degree program.

2012 Recipient: George Muirhead
George Muirhead has lived on his own since he was 15 years old and has forged his life from nothing since then, graduating High school with honours while living solely on social assistance. The environment has always been a passion for George and it was this passion that led him to enrol in the Environmental Technician Program at Mohawk College. He chose the co op option in the hope of gaining valuable work experience and was fortunate enough to have his co op take place with Environment Canada as part of an arctic wastewater research team where he gained so much valuable experience and guidance from his peers. What the future holds for him is still to be determined but he hopes to start a rewarding career in the environmental field upon graduating this April and is striving to make that happen.

2012 Recipient: Robert Richarz
Rob Richarz is from the Hamilton Mountain where he has lived his whole life. He is currently in the Environmental Technician program at Mohawk and after graduating this spring he will be applying to university for entrance into an environmental science program.

2010 Recipient: Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson is currently enrolled in the Biotechnology Technician – Cooperative Internship program. He worked his internship at Hotz Environmental, one of Hamilton's most environmentally mindful companies, and served as a Chemical Operator in their hazardous household chemical waste recycling facility. Having lived in Hamilton since the age of ten and attending Sherwood Secondary, a local high-school, he has often enjoyed the many conservation areas and hiking trails going through our city, as well as photographing local wildlife and these areas. He believes these experiences have helped shape him into a very environmentally mindful person. He is honoured and very thankful to the Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association for this award, and plans to further his education by attending a university in the environmental field and believes that this bursary will help him attain that goal.

2010 Recipient: Sean Wilson

2009 Recipient: Candis Burke
Candis Burke is a graduate from Mohawk College Environmental Technician Program. She is a classroom representative in the Environmental Technician program which entails; communicating school functions to students and promoting special events. She has been know to be an enthusiastic learner and active participant in class discussion. She thoroughly enjoys laboratory work and caring for precision in analytical techniques that are used. She enjoys all outdoor activities and is fascinated about learning more through her chosen profession. Candis's background steams from working from the early age of 12 starting in greenhouses, and working towards industry jobs. Some of her highlights include working as a Quality Assurance Technician in food manufacturing and her most recent position, working as a Team member at one of Hamilton's major steel companies, ArcelorMittel Dofasco. She has enjoyed her work experience and through dedication has proved herself a worthy candidate for employment. She works very well with others and considers herself organized when managing tasks at hand. She has received letters of recommendation for her work ethics with a proven ability to take on new challenges. On a personal note, her hobbies include playing guitar and mainly singing. She took private singing lessons for four years and currently practice's classical music on a daily basis. She currently lives on her own, in student housing and receiving this award will certainly help in her future endeavours.

2009 Recipient: Candis Burke

2008 Recipient: Ashley Ethier
Ashley is a resident of Hamilton and a graduate from Barton Secondary High School. Ashley has now completed the Environmental Technician Program at Mohawk College. During her co-op year she worked for an Environmental Consulting firm. She hopes to further her education at McMaster University in their Geo-science program and will be working to complete a Masters Degree in Hydrogeology.

2008 Recipient: Ashley Ethier

2007 Recipient: Ryan Aitken
Ryan is a resident of Hamilton and a graduate from Westmount High School. Ryan is currently completing his final semester in the Environmental Technician Program at Mohawk College. In January 2007 Ryan returned to Mohawk College after successfully completing a one year internship as the student Inorganic Technician with the City of Hamilton's Environmental Laboratory. Some of his duties included the chemical analysis of water, wastewater, bio-solids and sludge, data input using the Laboratory Information Management System and evaluating and reviewing Quality Control data and charts. Following his placement Ryan's supervisors indicated that he demonstrated a great work ethic, he was friendly, an excellent worker, dependable and possesses good technical skills. Ryan is a team player and would be an asset at any workplace. Ryan is well liked by the Chemical and Environmental Technology Department faculty and staff and has achieved Deans Honours every semester.

2007 Recipient: Ryan Aitken