Working in partnership with residents and community associations, HIEA provides financial support to initiatives that enhance and protect our local environment.  

Through direct financial sponsorship and volunteer efforts of its member companies, HIEA continues to provide support to environmental and education programs for youth within the Hamilton community.

HIEA carefully reviews submissions from applicant organizations. Our contribution level varies according to the need, our opportunity to make a difference and our budget, which is established annually and approved by the Board of Directors.

Sponsorship Criteria

Eligibility for Funding

Because HIEA receives funding requests far in excess of what we are able to support, we must often decline even very worthy causes. This does not reflect in any way on the value of the organization involved, but rather is a result of the volume of requests for support and limitations on our resources. There are a number of limitations, which generally govern our contributions and restrict or prohibit our support.

For instance, HIEA does not support:

  • Organizations not registered as charitable institutions with Revenue Canada
  • Individuals
  • Trips, tours and associated costs
  • Form letter requests
  • Religious organizations and groups which are denominational or sectarian in purpose such as churches, missionary groups, etc. (unless resources can be used by the entire community on a non-sectarian basis such as for a camp or community centre)
  • Organizations that discriminate
  • Service clubs and other organizations that channel funds to agencies, except for the United Way
  • Organizations seeking operating funds but which are already receiving support as an agency of the United Way
  • Multi-year funding for operations
  • Concurrent or consecutive capital funding to an organization for any purpose
  • Organizations operating for profit
  • Government agencies
  • Private Schools
  • Endowment Funds
  • Organizations whose purposes or methods of operation pose a potential conflict of interest for the organization
  • Loans or investments
  • Grants to cover operating deficits
  • Social functions, banquets, benefits, and testimonials including sponsorships
  • Golf tournaments


New applications will be considered each year. To ensure consideration, submissions should be sent by email to by September 30th; funding decisions will be released by January 31st. Applications received after the September 30th deadline may be considered at HIEA’s discretion.

Click here to download the Sponsorship Request Form (Fillable MS Word)

Click here to download the Sponsorship Request Form (PDF)