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HIEA Services and Support

HIEA Staff represents HIEA member companies on a variety of municipal and provincial committees by providing regulatory and policy leadership to ensure members continue to have a viable environmental framework in which to operate.
The HIEA General Manager provides advocacy for its members with the Government of Canada, Ontario Government, and City of Hamilton on new regulatory and environmental policies, in addition to technical support for members and the organization, as well as continued development of the HIEA brand, and public relations strategy.

The HIEA Public Relations Coordinator engages with and supports member needs through the development of educational materials, industry events, growing environmental networks, and resolution of concerns.

Both the General Manager and Public Relations Coordinator work to represent HIEA members with the City of Hamilton council and councilors, members of the community, and local environmental groups.  



Meet The Team

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Geoffrey Knapper

General Manager

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Public Relations Coordinator

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