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In the Community

Since 1999, HIEA has provided financial support to initiatives that enhance and protect our local environment. Organizations interested in receiving funding are encouraged to submit applications before September 30th each year to ensure consideration. Application forms can be found here and Criteria for Funding here. Our contribution level varies according to the need, our opportunity to make a difference, and our budget. The budget is established annually and approved by the Board of Directors.

Bay Area Climate Change Council

On May 7th, 2024, policymakers, changemakers, business leaders, and residents attended the 2024 Bay Area Climate Forum. The event was an inspiring call to action with keynote speaker Jennifer Keesmaat, exploring how cities and local communities can collaborate to build thriving, resilient and climate-friendly cities. The year’s theme was “Cities in Action: The Power of Collaboration on Climate.” We heard from Mayor Meed-Ward, Mayor Horwath, Jennifer Keesmaat, and BACCC. The event encouraged regional collaboration and action on climate change and inspired a vision of a net zero Bay Area in 2050 to evoke a collective purpose. 

Bay Area Restoration Council

Yellow Fish Road.jpg
The Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) and their Yellow Fish Road program have been a long-time recipient of HIEA funding, going back to 2007! This premier water education program helps Hamilton’s youth to protect its watershed and merges hands-on learning with civic action. Painting yellow fish symbols on the road next to a storm drain, this program reminds Canadians of the negative impacts of runoff pollution through storm drains.

For more information about BARC and the work it does check them out at

Green Angels Program

The Royal Botanical Gardens Green Angels Program provide the helping hands that guide disadvantaged, special needs, and new Canadian children to a special place where they can let their imagination grow in a safe environment – and fall in love with nature. 
HIEA’s donations since 2014 have made it possible for thousands of Hamilton-area children and youth as well as their teachers and caregivers to attend outdoor school, camp, and other environmental education programs, free of charge. 

To learn more about the Green Angels program check their website at
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2019 McQuesten Planting 4.jpg
The McQuesten Urban Farm, located on an unused parcel of City-owned land, is a partnership between the City, the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton (our charitable partner), and the McQuesten Community Planning Team. This project is part of the Neighbourhood Action Plan as a key action to promote greater food security for residents and to improve the overall parks and green space within the neighbourhood. 

Since 2017 HIEA has provided $40,000 towards native plantings on site which has gone a long way towards improving the overall ecological function of the site as well as providing significant aesthetic improvements for the community.
Visit to learn more about this project.

Hamilton Conservation Foundation

The Hamilton Conservation Foundation has traditionally directed funds to support the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) enabling it to run its Outdoor Environmental Education Program and allow additional needs-based funding for transportation subsidies. The donations raised through the Foundation for outdoor educational programs in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area (DVCA) are vital to keeping the program alive and help to augment fees paid by school boards and ensure the program is accessible to all students.
Please visit their website to learn more about the different aspects of this program :

Hamilton Children's
Water Festival

Since 2008, HIEA has supported the City of Hamilton - Water and Wastewater Division, Public Works, and the Children's Water Festival. This three-day event offers 30 activities geared to water conservation, water science and technology, water awareness, and water protection. It brings 2,400 Grade 4 students, 200 secondary students, and 100 volunteers together to enjoy hands-on educational activities that support the Ontario Curriculum including the 2007 Ontario Science and Technology curriculum. Completing activities through hands-on activities ensures that students learn to respect water and the environment while having fun.


This festival went digital in 2021 and 2022 when students and teachers signed up to receive a digital activity package based on regular Water Festival activities. HIEA created a new package based on Industrial Wastewater Treatment. For more information about this project visit:

Activity Book Cover.JPG
Abstract Background

Sponsorship Eligibility for Funding

Deadlines: New applications will be considered each year. To ensure consideration, submissions should be sent by email to by September 30th; funding decisions will be released by January 31st. Applications received after the September 30th deadline may be considered at HIEA’s discretion.
Because HIEA receives funding requests far in excess of what we are able to support, we must often decline even very worthy causes. This does not reflect in any way on the value of the organization involved, but rather is a result of the volume of requests for support and limitations on our resources. There are a number of limitations, which generally govern our contributions and restrict or prohibit our support.
For instance, HIEA does not support:
• Organizations not registered as charitable institutions with Revenue Canada
• Individuals
• Trips, tours, and associated costs
• Form letter requests
• Religious organizations and groups which are denominational or sectarian in purpose such as churches, missionary groups, etc. (unless resources can be used by the entire community on a non-sectarian basis such as for a camp or community center)
• Organizations that discriminate
• Service clubs and other organizations that channel funds to agencies, except for the United Way
• Organizations seeking operating funds but which are already receiving support as an agency of the United Way
• Multi-year funding for operations
• Concurrent or consecutive capital funding to an organization for any purpose
• Organizations operating for profit
• Government agencies
• Private Schools•Endowment Funds
• Organizations whose purposes or methods of operation pose a potential conflict of interest for the organization
• Loans or investments
• Grants to cover operating deficits
• Social functions, banquets, benefits, and testimonials including sponsorships
• Golf tournaments

Past Community Support and Special Projects

BARC - Adopt a creek

BARC - Towards Safe Harbours

BARC - Virtual Community Forum

BARC Stream of Dreams

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

Waterfront Trust - Fishing Derby

Environmentalist of the Year

Rotary Environmental Conference

Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair

Hamilton Naturalist Club

Sustainable Hamilton

Trees for Hamilton

Earth Day Hamilton-Burlington

Green Venture/Conserver Society

Bird Studies Canada

Rolston Forest

Green Venture/Corr Research

Green Venture

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Let's Work Together!

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