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Hamilton Industrial
Environmental Association

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Mission Statement

Care for our environment and improve the quality of life in our communities through sustainable operations, open dialogue with our neighbours, and local partnerships that support environmental education for Hamilton students.
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HIEA and Climate Change

HIEA member companies recognize the importance of Climate Change and acknowledge our role as a partner to develop solutions to reduce our emissions. HIEA supports Canada's 2050 net-zero emissions commitment and where possible go further and faster. 
For more information about HIEA and climate change statements and other commitments of individual companies, please visit the link below.

HIEA Members

HIEA is a member-run, not-for-profit organization serving local Hamilton steel, industrial, agricultural processing and shipping, manufacturing, chemical, and recycling companies. HIEA's members represent the historical, present and future industrial core of Hamilton and surrounding communities. HIEA's members are committed to the local community, to improving company environmental performance, and to the City of Hamilton and surrounding communities. To find out about our members, please see 'Member Companies' below.
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Benefits of Membership

HIEA represents its members through its expertise in environmental regulation, enforcement, and policy development as well as existing professional relationships, project collaboration, and stakeholder engagement with:

• Government of Canada

• Ontario Government

• City of Hamilton

• Local environmental groups

• Individual Hamilton Residents

• Conservation Area and Other Project Partners

• Educational Institutions

Through HIEA, members are part of a network of business and environmental professionals with a depth of environmental regulation and policy expertise and experience. 

Members also have year-round support from HIEA staff. 
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Circular Economy

In a circular economy companies reduce raw material use, redesign materials to be less resource intensive and recapture "waste" as a resource to manufacture new materials and products. 

HIEA’s members have not only adopted a circular economy but practice it every day as part of their core business. Member companies use a blend of recycled and unprocessed raw materials to produce industrial consumer-ready products such as steel, carbon black, light oils, concrete inputs, and consumer-based agricultural products.
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2023 Annual General Meeting

Graduating Students


HIEA members believe that it is today’s students that will help shape the future and will work to further develop strategies that address the impacts of climate change, resource preservation, air and water pollution, and biodiversity loss for the generations to come.

To ensure Hamilton students reach their goals HIEA members have been supporting hands-on, educational programming for elementary-age students since 1978. For more mature students, HIEA's Members also proudly offer Environmental Bursaries at Mohawk College and McMaster University and as of 2022 an Endowed Scholarship for the new Honours Sustainable Chemistry Program at McMaster University.  

Community Sponsorships

Since 1999, HIEA has provided financial support to initiatives that enhance and protect our local environment. Organizations interested in receiving funding are encouraged to submit applications before September 30th each year to ensure consideration.
Applications and Criteria for Funding can be found below. Our contribution level varies according to the need, our opportunity to make a difference, and our budget. The budget is established annually and approved by the Board of Directors.
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Teacher Resources

This one-of-its-kind activity book was created for the Hamilton Children’s Water Festival to explain the different types of wastewater and how industrial wastewater is treated. The book also contains fun activities related to wastewater.

To download a copy of the activity book and teacher's manual, please do so below. 


Community Environmental Incident  Reporting


HIEA Member Emergency Contact Directory

2021 Annual Report

To learn more about HIEA, please view our Annual Report to the Community. To learn about HIEA's Organizational Structure, please follow the link below. 
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HIEA and Its members would be pleased to hear from you. Please click the button below and it will take you to our contact form.   Otherwise, you can call HIEA at 289.795.6253 and leave a message.  

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